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 High Tide Gallery LLC

St. Augustine: First Friday Art Walk”- Every First Friday of the month,

High Tide Gallery hosts an event onsite that is publicized throughout local media.

Buyers and art enthusiasts enjoy an opportunity to meet the artists and asked questions and discuss the artists’ inspiration and techniques or processes. Enjoy a craft beer or glass of wine as you walk through the select artist works in the gallery. A truly delightful time.


Various sales and shows throughout the year which provide the clients and buyers an opportunity to obtain some amazing art pieces at discounted prices.

The Gallery Lounge by Salvatore Principe

Boca Raton: Various Art- Open house events - The Gallery Lounge doors open for buyers and clients to roam through the amazing works of Salvatore Principe and a few choice artists.


Sip libations and listen to Jazz, House, Trance, Blues ...  Whatever happens to be Salvatore’s mood.

Auction Ended

Item is almost 6 feet long!  A proud addition to any home or office.

Created on pine board using acrylic paint.  Size: 55 inches by 9 inches. Includes lighting system for nighttime enjoyment.

End of Watch:

    Every cent that is raised in the sale of this piece is going directly to the families of these   fallen heroes. I was   moved to create this piece after I attended a vigil at a memorial for an officer that was killed while on duty. I thought, what can I do (1 person) that might help a family that suffered this type of extreme loss? My heart breaks for the children caught in this circumstance. 

After about 20 years of service as a Sheriff’s Officer/ Detective, you learn deeply the sacrifices that are made by those that continue to be there for us all. Officers often miss holidays, birthdays, weddings, funerals, kid’s recitals and so much family time in general. Then, the worst may happen. The loved one gets that phone call or an unmarked car pulls up to the house. The news of that loss is devastating.

            Sacrifice. Being a law enforcement officer is not a job... it’s a calling. The days worked rarely end after a standard 8 hour day. When you are off duty, you continue to think about and worry about the victims that you try to help. It doesn’t end at the parking lot or even in your car on the way home. 

            When an officer makes that ultimate sacrifice their family makes that same sacrifice and suffers the loss. Wives or husbands lose THEIR other half. Children lose a parent, THEIR guide in life. Parents lose THEIR kids and it continues down through family members and friends and every person in their community touched by this officer suffer.

            This piece was created in a special process... 

As I worked on this piece in my studio, I listened to various memorial songs and compilations dedicated to the fallen. I also printed a list of all those heroes that had been killed on duty in 2020 and prayed for each name. I was intent on making each one a part of this piece. 

            The project took weeks of 10 hour days, a time of reflection and focus for me. Like many others, I made it through our careers and retired... we are blessed beyond words. But through the tears and prayers invested in this piece I want to help even just a little. 

            I took photos throughout the entire process of creating “End of Watch Island” to show each step and hopefully you can see the love and intense attention to detail that brings this piece to life.

Please, ask about the piece, ask how you can help these families...

When you see a police officer, let them know that they are appreciated. 

Remember - every single cent went to the children! Help me show love to these little heroes!!!!

Auction Ended 2/28/2021 -  3/15/2021 Delivered the proceeds to the little ones !

Bids were collected by  “High Tide Gallery”

850 Anastasia Blvd, In Lighthouse Plaza, North Bldg,

St. Augustine, FL 32080

Phone: (904) 315-6690



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